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Are you looking for the right Whatsapp Marketing Provider where you could buy different Whatsapp Marketing Solutions for your business?

Are you looking for the best source of Whatsapp Marketing solutions for your bulk Whatsapp Marketing needs?

Are you tired of dealing business with different Whatsapp Marketing service provider who promises high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but fail to deliver the same?

Okay. Let’s face it.

We are all here because we want to make more money. Let’s just put it out here. Let’s just be blunt and be forward about it. We know you will appreciate it more than anything else. Am I right?

First and foremost, honesty…

All of us are businessmen in here; or at the very least, most of us are. A small percentage of the readers could be people who are looking to know more what a Whatsapp Marketing Provider is about; no more, no less. But otherwise, you will not find yourself on this page. Anyway, as a businessman who wound up with knowledge about Whatsapp Marketing being a great tool for connecting with potential and existing clients, I know you are here to look for more information about this wonderful tool that had opened a world of opportunities for earning money and growing business. Also, you end up landing on this page because you want more of that knowledge and you want Whatsapp Marketing solutions for your own business because ultimately, you wanted to increase your profit. Are you with me so far?

Without meaning to sound cliché, we are here to provide you exactly that.

About us

We are a team of seasoned Whatsapp Marketing experts that have been developing different Whatsapp Marketing solutions such as different Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders. These Whatsapp Marketing solutions are primarily geared towards helping other merchants gain a greater access of communicating their different Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to their respective database of prospect clients and existing clients.

We are not just any ordinary Whatsapp Marketing provider. We don’t just develop and offer different Whatsapp Marketing solutions for our clients; we are also Whatsapp Marketing experts that are passionate mentors to those who are in need of our guidance about applying Whatsapp Marketing campaigns in their business.

We go beyond our call of duty and help our clients achieve their potential in earning by guiding them on how to best apply Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in their business: when to do it and how best to go about it. It is not just simple business relationship that we are yearning; we long for partnership that will extend beyond client and Whatsapp Marketing provider relationship. We want us to be friends.

Can we be friends?

As your friend, we are serious about one thing: our purpose as your Whatsapp marketing provider and partner is to guide you in your journey on how you can improve your business through the help of Bulk Whatsapp marketing. Our different Whatsapp Marketing solutions are just but tools on how you can apply Bulk Whatsapp marketing to your business better but our advice and tips will be valuable lessons you could use to get through every hurdle you will encounter in your business, life problems included.

As a seasoned marketer, we have used other forms of marketing such as email marketing and SMS marketing. But ever since the rise of Whatsapp as a popular messaging tool that had pave way to a better communication with other people, we have took it upon ourselves to adapt the technology and help other merchants (business owners, managers, marketers and professionals) achieve greater leverage in their marketing efforts of connecting with their prospect and existing clients.

We are well aware of the rising and stiff competition of different Whatsapp Marketing Provider in the industry. And what sets us apart from them are our hunger and need for approval from our clients that are our very core of existence. Many Whatsapp Marketing Providers are focused on one thing and one thing only: sell their various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. We however, don’t just stop at selling. We have put up an interactive system where our clients could direct to us their various issues and concerns. And this system has immensely helped us so far to identify the various problems that our clients encounter about Bulk Whatapp Marketing and our various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions which we used as basis on how we could improve our products and services; and generally, how we could improve our business practice.

So maybe at this point you want to ask us why we chose Bulk Whatsapp Marketing over other types of marketing out there, allow me to explain…

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is rooted from the core words “Whatsapp Marketing”. To better understand why it is the best type of marketing in existence nowadays, we have defined what WhatsApp Marketing is.

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is the latest trend of mobile marketing that provides customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods and services of a company. It differs to other types of mobile marketing such as social media marketing and SMS marketing and it is popularly preferred by many merchants because of its many advantages over other types of mobile marketing.

Another definition of Whatsapp Marketing is; it is a professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create loyalty program to their existing ones.

Being a chat messaging application with 900 million active users to boot as of September 2015 and still growing, it would be just crazy for merchants not to jump along the bandwagon and take advantage of this opportunity that will help them grow their business.

The demand for Whatsapp Marketing Provider grows as demand for various Whatsapp marketing solutions also rises. Regardless of whatever business it is, in today’s times when competition is stiff, it is important for every merchant to always know what the “needs and wants” of their targeted markets are. When the merchants have that information through targeted marketing campaigns, only then will these merchants be able to come up with different marketing strategies that will help fulfill those needs and wants, which in turn will be the “magnet” element that will tie their business and their targeted markets together.

To illustrate:

Company ABC is using Whatsapp to send message containing link of site bringing targeted audience to a page about a certain product or service. When the form is filled up, Company ABC will gain information of what their target audience really wants or needs. Afterwards, they will work on their products or services with due respect on the information that their targeted market gave them.

How the consumers respond to a business largely depends on how that business markets itself to them. When a business knows what their prospects’ wants and needs are, they can better leverage the marketing of their products or services in a way that will influence their prospects to buy them.

And again, having the information of what their wants and needs can be attained through the help of Bulk Whatsapp marketing. Of course, there are many other ways of gathering information about the needs and wants of prospect clients like personal interviews and surveys; but Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is one of the easiest ways to go about it.

Ultimately, it all boils down to “knowing” the wants and needs of your targeted market are and Whatsapp as a communication tool will greatly help that process of gathering vital information which in turn will help improve your business.

What are some of the practical ways of using Bulk Whatsapp Marketing for your business?

Aside from the foregoing reason, there are many other ways on how you could leverage Whatsapp as a marketing tool for your business. These are the following:

Stock market updates and alerts

You can use Whatsapp to keep your audience informed about stock market updates and alerts.

Discount and offer alerts

You can send alert notifications to your targeted audience to help entice them to buy or avail your products and services.

Reminders for appointments or events

You can send reminders to your targeted audience to keep them abreast of important appointments or events which will be a great help to foster their “trust” towards your company.

Holiday deals and promotions

Holiday deals and promotions is a great way to help boost your income as most people are inclined to splurge during holidays. Letting them know about your holiday deals and promotions will serve as enticements and that is one of the best ways to promote your company’s products and services.

Product launch and product offer alerts

Informing your targeted clients about your product launch and other product offer alerts is also one of the best ways to improve the profitability of your business. When targeted people are informed about your company events and they happen to like what your company is offering, the likelihood that you will gain following will be there.

Merchandise alerts

We have the tendency to feel “important” when people let us know first about the availability of certain products which they knew we would like to own or avail. You can take advantage of this emotional need by sending your clients and prospect about the arrival of certain merchandise in your company; which would spark their need to be the “first” few who have bought this particular merchandise.

WhatsApp Messages based surveys

You can directly gather information or census about a certain commodity, be it yours or the competitor by sending your targeted audience Whatsapp messages based surveys. This will help your company grasp what your audience thought about certain commodities which will serve as basis to improve your own products and services.

Promotions for Spas, Salons, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

This is specifically for specialty-businesses like spas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Let your patrons or targeted audience know about promotions and other attractive deals like 20% off on certain hours, tied in services (example: massage with free foot spa) and many others that will help foster your income.

Promote your professional services whether you are a doctor, lawyer, consultant, real estate broker, etc.

Send broadcast messages to people about your professional services and let them know that you’re available for business.

So based from the foregoing reasons, we now knew the power and potential of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in terms of helping your business grow in size and profitability.

Now that you know the definition of Whatsapp Marketing and some of its practical uses, here’s why Bulk Whatsapp Marketing works better than SMS Marketing or any other form of mobile marketing available:

  • global accessibility
  • user friendly interface
  • allow multiple and bulk messages of unlimited length to send to other Whatsapp users

Global accessibility

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can send bulk messages for free using Whatsapp. All you need to do is to get connected with the Internet and you can scale your marketing campaign to as many users as you want.

User Friendly interface

Whatsapp make communication easier with the easy to use interface. You can be creative with your campaign by using a combination of text, audio, video and image in your marketing campaign.

Allow multiple messages of unlimited length for sending

Unlike SMS (Short Message Service) that limits the message to 160 character parameter, Whatsapp allow users to compose message of any length to be sent to other Whatsapp users.

Interested to know our various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions?

Just as everything else in this world, it always pays to keep abreast of the latest trend so as to stay competitive. Being a merchant is always challenging; and the biggest challenge is how to engage your audience so you can increase your database of clients or at the very least retain existing client loyalty.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing makes “personal involvement” with your clients easier as you will get to know them deeper through engaging with them.

If you are thinking about taking advantage of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing to help increase your profits or grow your business, you need our help on how to go about that. As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we will not only offer you the right Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but we will also provide you other valuable tips and advices which will help eliminate your chances of failing in your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns.

Just say “YES”

The world is ripe for businesses that really mattered. Your business could help other people solve their problems. Let your prospects know that you and your business exist and that you can make their lives better by having us as your Whatsapp Marketing Provider. We will provide you the right Whatsapp Marketing Solutions to reach them and we will offer you other valuable advices on how you can maximize your reaching power. Fill in the form below or contact us on the following contact details:

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services

If you are looking for the best Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider that offers Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service or any other type of Whatsapp Marketing Service for your business, then you’re in luck!

But first,

I just read a very interesting material about business ownership. It said and I quote:

“One very prevalent thing that new business owners are facing as they seek to build a company is that most people believe that building a big business is inherently bad.”

No wonder many businesses are finding it hard to gain followers. Maybe we are not openly aware of this but all of us are all hard wired to distrust anybody that owns a business! Such is the reason why merchants pay costly marketing efforts to help elevate their business in a manner that would inspire trust from their targeted audience. And such human mentality also inspired the success of many types of marketing such as email marketing, SMS Marketing and the latest trend: Whatsapp Marketing.

Why am I telling you this? You, as a business owner (or manager, marketer or professional), also face that mentality that plagued humanity ever since time immemorial. How often do we hear ourselves and others say, “Big deep pocketed executives who are only out for themselves”?

This is why communication is such an integral part of any business. We need to better communicate the purpose of our business to our targeted audience. In such manner, it would put our business ahead of the competitors. And also in such manner, we elevate our business from mediocrity to something that affects the lives of our clients in a positive way. When we have better connection with our clients, influencing them to buy our products and services will become easier. Isn’t that right?


Ever since the creation and development of Whatsapp as a chat messaging application on 2009, it had made communication with friends and loved ones so much better. It had paved way in a better understanding between people and the best part is that Whatsapp doesn’t require much financial output. As of the moment, Whatsapp give one year subscription for free to new users and .99$ for the succeeding years after that. This is why a lot of mobile users are now switching from SMS Messaging to Whatsapp. This is manifested through statistical information found available online: there are around 900 million active Whatsapp users as of September 2015 as compared to Wechat (468 million active users), Viber (209 million active users) and LINE (170 million active users). We believed that the numbers of Whatsapp users will continue to rise as the number of smartphone users also rises.

Being the most popular chat application in the world, Whatsapp is also the preferred choice of merchants in terms of connecting with their existing clients and targeted prospects.

Whatsapp VS SMS Messaging

Many merchants have been utilizing Whatsapp as part of their marketing tool as it enabled them many functionalities with minimum cost involved. As compared to SMS messaging, Whatsapp have a number of advantages. To cite a few:

  • Whatsapp does not limit messages to a character parameter of 160. You can send longer messages with no extra cost added or involved.
  • You can practically reach anybody in the world with Whatsapp with almost no cost involved. All that is required is Internet connection and you can immediately connect with anybody, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Whatsapp allow users to send not only text messages but also image, video, audio and even Vcard and GPS. You can also compose and send a message with a combination of the above-mentioned formats.
  • WhatsApp is available on major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobiles and BlackBerry phones.


A lot of Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider nowadays continues to develop their different Whatsapp Marketing Services to better cater the needs of their clients in terms of meeting their Whatsapp marketing needs. It is a dynamic industry as the demand for Whatsapp marketing solutions continue to rise.

Various Practical Uses of our bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service

Our company offer various Whatsapp Marketing Services that is most beneficial for people engaging in businesses such as banking, Insurance & Financial companies, Educational institutes, Health Care, Media & Entertainment companies, Travel & Logistic industry, Wholesale and Retail. We also extend our Whatsapp Marketing Services to professionals such as doctors, real estate professionals, lawyers/attorneys, and many others.

Whatever types of industry your business is involved in, our bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service will help meet your Whatsapp Marketing needs. You can use Whatsapp marketing to scale your marketing campaign and be able to reach out to your clients and prospect clients across the world. We listed below some practical and clever ways as to how:

Customer Service and communications:

Whatsapp is an excellent option for your clients to express any of their queries or even concerns about your company products or services. Reply to them in real time and show how much you value them.

Events and group promotions/ team communications:

You can easily keep track of your company events and your employees through Whatsapp. Stay connected with your team; keep them informed about latest news and events about your company.

Lead generation

Whatsapp is a great way to get leads on prospects and easily convert them to become your active clients.

Product feedbacks

Collect feedback from your clients about your products and services. Know what needs to be improved and identify points of weakness in your business so you will know how to formulate solutions on them.


Whatsapp is a good option to spread awareness of your company products and services. Tap on the oldest form of advertising “word of mouth” and witness how news about your product and services spread like wildfire.

To report bugs and other issues

This is in correlation with customer service and communications. Whatsapp is a great tool for your clients to reach out to your company for any concerns. In the same way, you could also use Whatsapp to inform your clients about these bugs and let them know that your company is currently working on fixing it.

These are some examples which demonstrate the opportunity of growing your business through the help of our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service:

Retail store:

“Text (name of store) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp and get your free gift certificates worth $10.”

Professional services:

“Text (name of client/ divorce consultation) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp and get your free 10-minute private legal consultation.”

Book Author:

“Text BOOK SAMPLE to (your Whatsapp number) to receive excerpt from the latest book.”

Restaurant, Coffee shop, Bar, Hotel, etc.

“Text FREE FOOD to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to claim free food.”

Real Estate:

“Text (HOUSE) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to get latest quotations of upstate real estate properties located in your area.”

Fast food restaurants

“Text (MENU) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to get menu of the day.”

SPA, massage parlors, etc.

“Text (DISCOUNT) to (your Whatsapp number) through Whatsapp to get discounts and other perks.”

There are many more examples on how businesses are enriched with our help as your Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider. There are no limits in terms of income potential, if only you knew how to utilize our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service.

Why choose us over others?

We acknowledge the presence of other Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider but what sets us apart is our obvious passion for our commitment to satisfy our clients. We do this by ensuring that we have your best interest at heart and we will provide you endless support. Apart from that, we also:

  • Offer a range of customized WhatsApp Marketing Plans designed to be specific to your business needs & requirements. We have several options of package available that you can select from based on your chosen delivery time and cost per messages.
  • We also provide WhatsApp marketing database based on your specific needs in consideration of geography and industry. This is the list of people which can be your perfect potential buyers or people you have always been looking forward to do business with.
  • Using our WhatsApp Marketing Solutions, you can also send messages to DND registered potential buyers.

Our Reaching Power as a Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider:

We offer our different Whatsapp Marketing Products and Services such as Bulk Whatsapp Marketing to the following countries:

Australia Austria Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Brazil

Cambodia Canada China Colombia Cuba Cyprus

Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Egypt Ethiopia Fiji

Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Grenada

Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq

Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan

Kenya Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Liberia Libya

Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Mongolia Myanmar Netherlands

New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palau

Panama Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania

Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland

Syria Taiwan Thailand Turkey Uganda Ukraine

UAE UK Dubai United States USA Yemen


Aside from being able to provide various Whatsapp Marketing Services to a lot of countries, we are also the largest Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider in India. Among the areas in India we covered are:

Pune Mumbai Baroda Vadodara Delhi Indore

Jaipur Bhopal Lucknow Surat Bharuch Ahmedabad

Nasik Aurangabad Bengaluru Chennai Kolkata Hyderabad

Noida Kanpur Nagpur Ludhiana Patna Thana

Agra Varanasi Nashik Meerut Faridabad Allabhad

Amritsar Vishakhapatnam Ghaziabad Rajkot Jabalpur Coimbatore Srinagar

Aurangabad Ranchi Jodhpur Gwalior Chandigarh Trivandrum

Mysore Navi Mumbai Jalandhar Bareilly Kota Bhubaneshwar

Gorakhpur Rajpur Kochi Cuttack Ajmer Kolhapur

Dehradun Jamnagar Udaipur Jhansi Jalgaon Anand

Thana Gurgaon Indore

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